Welcome to Muse Masks!

All of my leather masks and accessories are one of a kind hand-sculpted and hand-painted art work. I hope you enjoy looking through the galleries of characters I have created! It is an ongoing process and inspiration,- I make new masks almost every day so please check in regularly to see the new stuff!

Ordering and Shipping
You can select your purchase and pay using paypal, through the shopping card system (click on the cart below the image you are purchasing) .
Even if you order a particular character you admire, keep in mine that the one you get will be very similar, but also have its own unique characteristics! No two are ever identical! And the leather itself is actually skin, so it has its own characteristics with unique markings and texture for ever piece used.  You can also select what colour you would like your mask dyed or painted.
When I see what the purchase is, and we determine where the shipment needs to go, and by what method, I can give you an estimate  /quote on the shipping price to your country. Which can also be paid before shipping by paypal. Usually you will have your masks within two – three weeks!
All the leather has reasonable flexibility, so it is likely you will find no difficultly in the fitting of your mask.. For most, it does not need to be made from a form specific to your face.  The general shape will bend  gently to fit nicely. But I am happy to adjust things like eye spacing whenever is necessary, or even make masks that fit glasses underneath too…
Note- Masks are also available unpainted, so you can finish in your own creative style!  Just ask if you would prefer this DIY approach.

Custom ordering
You can offer me an idea to work with, or design your own mask, and send a drawing for me to create from, or send a picture of something you would like made for yourself. I  then estimate  a price based on size and complexity,  begin with drawings and ideas, make a template– and  then we can create  the mask you have always dreamed of!

Wall art
I have made several large asks as contemporary art expression rather than wearable masks. I enjoy this work and would be happy to sculpt some art specificaly for your home or work place.

Professional costuming
I do professional costuming for people in circus, theatre, dance  and fire performing troupes. I am happy to create costumes and accessories for your group, or solo show.  Leather is very durable and flame resistant, and adds a fantastic creative element  on stage!

I teach regular classes in Leather Mask Making. I do a simple crafting class, just on the basics of how to work with water hardening leather to make a mask. I also do a longer, three day course, that incorporates more fascinating information about the role  masks play our lives as individuals,   exploring  archetypes, and gaining some understanding of the psychology and history of masks in  different cultures, including contemporary society. Then the students each create a personal mask of power,  choosing symbols and forms that celebrates their personal expression.
Classes are typically three hours for the BASIC class, 3 days for the Mask Journeying program. Call to discuss the pricing of doing a class in your area!  A class is typicall $55-75 per student for the Basics, and $175 for the Mask Journey. But we need a certain amount of students to make this pricing work! Suitable for people 8 and up, and parents are most welcome to collaborate with their kids.
Please contact me if you would like more information
Thank you!

Andrea Russell