Mask Care

Each mask is lovingly handcrafted from natural materials. It will have individual variations in texture and tone, and a character of its own. Your mask has been hand painted and sealed with a protective finish, so it does not require waxing, oiling, or leather cleaner. Do not wash the painted surface. If necessary dust lightly with a dry soft cloth. Please take care to avoid scratching or marking the paint surface, breaking the form by flattening or bending, and exposing your mask to extreme temperature, humidity or moisture. Wrap the mask in a soft protective cloth or bag for transport. A mask is best stored either on a shelf, or hanging as a piece of art on the wall, with support pegs in the eye spaces as hanging from its ribbon or strap may cause it to distort its shape. A mask is meant to be worn, so please take yours out to play every once in a while!

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